Production Possibility Curve: Under Increasing Opp

Production Possibility Curve -PPC

Production Possibility Curve (PPC) represents the supply side in international trade equilibrium. What do we understand by PPC what different shapes it can assume? show with the help of a diagram? how it is possible the same output makes a different result of production and efficiency. we explain it in different diagrams. It shows the … Read more

Factor Endowments Difference: Traditional Theory, Variations

Factor Endowments Difference

Factor Endowments difference means International trade accurses due to the difference in the availability of factors of productions, that is factor endowment difference. The traditional theory of comparative advantage suggests international variations of factor productivity or efficiency as a basic reason. But the fundamental causes of the international differences in the conditions of production are … Read more

Two-Variable Regression Model: Estimation Problem

Autocorrelation Diagram

Two-Variable Regression Model faces estimation problems in formulas: The method which is used to fit a regression line to a given sample data is called Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method or Least Square (LS). We discussed Method of Least Square (LS), Ordinary Least Square (OLS) This method consists of minimizing the sum of the squares … Read more